Capacity building training for Somali Civil Servants opens in Bujumbura

67 Somali civil servants left for Bujumbura yesterday, they are part of a group of 120 public servants including secretaries, protocol officers and administrators who are to take part in a series of training workshops for Somalia civil servants as part of ongoing efforts to enhance the capacity of the country’s public service.  The training was organized by The Africa Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with the help of international donors.

Seeing them off, Deputy Minister for Social Services and Development, Bashir M Jamaa said “ The trainings that you are all attending is for the betterment of this country, Somalia has made great leap forward, we now have a functioning government and looking on building and strengthen other institutions and that is why it is important for you to attend and come back better people ready to run this institutions” said Jamaa.

The Deputy Minister added that “ the government is committed to putting integrity institutions that can serve as a link between  citizens and public institutions. ”

He also thanked AMISOM for putting together the training, saying AMISOM has become part of the success story of Somalia.


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