Kenya to transfer Somali pirates in Kenyan jails to Somalia

Kenyan authorities will transfer Somali pirates who are serving their sentences in Kenyan jails to Somalia, according to Somali ambassador to Kenya, Mohamed Ali Ameriko who exclusively spoke to Shabelle media network.

Ambassador Ameriko said that the plan of transfer came after Somali government requested Kenya to do so. Most of the Somali pirates detained in Kenya are serving their sentences in the coastal of Mombasa where the Somali ambassador visited and met most the detainees at the maximum security jail of Shimo la Tewa.

Most of these pirates were seized in the Somali sea by foreign forces who are fighting piracy in the Somali waters.

The Somali ambassador also spoke about in the interview the other problems Somalis living in Kenya and he stressed that there was not a united cabinet decision about the eviction of Somalis from Kenya which declared recently.

There is a large number of Somalis living both in refugee camps and urban centres in Kenya and Kenyan security launched sweeping security operations in parts of Kenya mainly in the Somali dominated neighbourhood of Islii targeting Somali nationals and that has sparked criticism within Kenya particularly Somali ethnic politicians who are fely uneasy how the Somalis are singled out.


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