38 killed in Kenya tribal clashes - Red Cross

Nairobi (Alshahid)-Violent clashes raged between tribes in southeastern Kenya on Tuesday, a day after at least 38 people were killed in the southeast of the country, the Red Cross said.

In the latest bloodshed, armed farmers allegedly attacked a village of their semi-nomadic livestock-herding neighbours on Tuesday, killing three people, the Red Cross said.

Eight children, eight police offices were among those killed in the Monday dawn attack in which over 300 people from the Pokomo tribe allegedly raided Kilelengwani village of the Orma tribe of herders, said Kenya Red Cross secretary-general Abbas Gullet. The raiders torched 167 houses.

This is barely three weeks when more than 50 people, mostly women and children were killed in a dawn raid at the Coastal region in castigatory attacks over the grazing pasture.

The attack is said to have been carried out by a section of the Pokomo community against the pastoralist Orma community. This has so far seen over 100 people dead in the horror attack.

There has been long-running tension between the two groups over grazing rights and water sources, but it boiled over last month when the Pokomo attacked an Orma village after an apparent land dispute.

Reacting over the matter President Mwai Kibaki has issued an ultimatum barring people from walking and getting out at night especially in the affected areas and promised a thorough investigation over the frequent attack.


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